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          Hey love,


My name is Charlotte Marshall and I am the owner/creator of lovefool. I am 21 years old and I am about to graduate from the University of Georgia. I would like to personally welcome you to my website and my small business!


If my friends could describe me in one phrase they would say: "unapologetically herself". However, I was definitely not born with the inherent confidence of a boss a** b****. I struggled with identity crisis after identity crisis growing up (that's just the Aquarius in me); I always felt like an outcast because I wanted to have brightly colored hair & wear outlandish outfits that were sure to drop jaws in my suburban town. I struggled with all the typical feels of not fitting in & sometimes succumbed to wearing more basic outfits to in order to feel more included. As I got older, I lost all the fears I had grown up with & now wear whatever I want to whenever I want to (yes- that means white AFTER labor day). I found my confidence through expressing myself through fashion and my passion & goal for lovefool is to instill that same feeling in other young women. 


My first fashion sketch was at age five when Santa brought me a my fashion design book with stencils included. As I grew up, I continued my love for clothing & accessories & my creativity flourished. I followed this passion into my schooling as a Fashion Merchandising major. I started my first business in the summer of 2018 when I began creating necklaces for myself & my friends. Word of my necklaces spread, so in order to keep up with strangers placing orders, I created an Instagram account with the name "Gypsy Gems". Before I knew it, I was selling my necklaces to people across the United States & even internationally. For the next 2 years everything was amazing. I loved seeing people tagging me in their photos wearing my necklaces on social media!!

However in 2020, I decided to take a major break from my business due to the crazy change in the social and political climate of the world. This period was so revealing & allowed me to achieve so much positive growth- as a human being & as a small business. In the second half of the year, I decided to change my business's name, branding, & overall focus. Hence- the creation of lovefool! I have regained the passion & motivation that I had lost when 2020 got super dark. I have expanded my endeavors to sell clothing instead of just jewelry & I am hoping to start designing clothing of my own in 2021. This has been my lifelong dream & I am so happy & grateful that I have the opportunity to do what I truly love.

Thank you so much for being apart of this journey. I am so thankful for everyone who has believed & supported me since the beginning, as well as those who have randomly discovered my business online & sent so much virtual love. The internet is truly crazy... None of this would be possible without y'all.


                              Charlotte Marshall

                              Owner, lovefool