Hey there boo! First off, I just wanted to say thanks so much for taking the time to be interested in sponsoring my brand-- it means the absolute world to me :)

I'm so excited to work with you!! <3

Here are the guidelines for becoming an ambassador/influencer: (also this is veryyyy flexible and experimental so help me out with suggestions if you have some)

1) If selected for this program, you will receive 25% off your first purchase with a unique influencer code :) Or if you already own some of my pieces you can just start with those!
2) Once you get your unique code, order your Gypsy Gems pieces and wait for them to arrive woooohooo
3) Take cute fun pictures and make sure to tag us on Instagram in posts and on your story- I really always need content to post. Also if you're joining the Gypsy Fam then I'd love to see you interact & be active on our Instagram posts <3
4) You will receive a 15% coupon code (that you get to choose the name of) to share with your followers
5) Once your code gets used 5 times you will get to pick out any necklace & have it sent to you for FREE
6) The cycle continues :) so you get out what you put in for sure
7) If you are absolutely killing this program then we can discuss further steps ;) LIKE MORE FREE STUFF more frequently YEEHAW

So fill out these questions and submit your application a$ap

We'll be in touch, 
xoxo Char